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Thanks to Antoinella for the most pleasant, entertaining afternoon in a good long time.  


She really knows how to put the vendor at ease, skillfully filling in when they are at a loss for words.  She listens intently, responds appropriately . Her easy laughter is a welcomed relief from the shrill, harsh exhibitionism of many of the usual cast of late.


Gracious, respectful, knowledgable yet unassuming, I do hope she will host more fashion, beauty and accessory shows.  

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Antonella is my favorite presenter.  She is down to earth and real.  She has no pretensions nor is she stuck on herself.  She is warm and seemsto really like people.

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LOVE Antonella. She is considerate to the viewers and the vendors. She is not all about herself.She should be given more shows. She is GREAT.

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Antonella and Carolyn Gracie are the best Hosts the Q. has...always a joy to watch and listen to....