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We have had 77 degrees weather all week - today down to 34 and tomorrow 28  I must have known because I purchased SG's last TSV - jacket with zip in vest and hood.  I have never had one of her jackets before but today it was perfect.


It started raining and then sleeting and now we have about 3" snow - more coming but my jacket really worked even wore the hood.  A great buy for me.  Living in AZ I do not have too many warmer jackets but this can be heavy or lightweight.

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I bought the two tone weekend lightweight fleece wrap and I just love it.  I was so happy to get it as they were out of the color I wanted and then got more in.  I am delighted and it looks so classy, even my husband remarked about it and liked it.  Susan did a great job once again.


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That's great.  Those of us in the warmer climes need a good jacket for the occasional cold snap or travel to cold areas.  Because we don't wear them much, they last forever, don't they? 


What color did you get?  I got the red, which was a great color, and it has a lot of very nice features, including the vest.  Sadly, I must return mine, but good to hear you enjoy yours.  I'll try a Susan G. jacket another time.

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I bought the red and love the fit of the black reversible vest.  Sorry yours did not work out.

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I've had my issues with SG's fit over the years, but I couldn't pass up the TSV with the hood and vest.  I'll probably not use those two parts that much, but the coat itself is turning out to be very versatile.  I gambled and wore it in the rain, its a super warm raincoat as well.