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The logo show I saw, Jayne was wearing a t-shirt that looked super thin and looked like she had slept in it.  It was $50!

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One person's opinion.  There are many lines of clothing to choose from.  If Logo is not your style then it's not.

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I went to the mall today....I was so happy to see cotton fabrics, tops that had a straight hemline and shorter shirts.  I refuse to purchase anymore high low hem, sharkbite hems, long tunics, etc. etc.


The one thing I was looking for was pants - either linen blend crop pants or just a nice weight pant. Most were full of spandex, and more like a tight pant or legging, for lack of a better word.  I am not a big fan of spandex either.    

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Why even bother to post a negative comment about QVC fashion, LOGO specificially in this case.


NOBODY really cares.


Those who like LOGO will continue to purchase, and those who don't can surely find some other brand they might like on QVC. No need to insult others.


Of course, I happen to really like all the flowing designs and rainbow colors that Lori creates.  And yes, they all look VERY GOOD on me, or I would not have bought them in the first place.


So now I am going to go back and purchase the flower top in blue because I like it also.  And in the world of high fashion, $100.00 for two tops is diddly squat.  I just ordered a great Johhny Was bamboo t-shirt from Saks that cost almost $100.00 all by itself.  I don't complain about the cost of purchases--either I can afford it or not.  


So please find another way to use your time constructively--life is too short!

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Not a fan of Logo at all. I think her selection of clothes is very odd sometimes. I know there are those who like her stuff, but not me.

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@Kachina624   I ordered the same top also in blue!

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@dulwich    I do love an abstract print and it had such beautiful colors, I just couldn't resist. 

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What is the item number? I want to see it too!

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@Hippiified wrote:

I got the animal print mesh cardigan in the purple wine color.  This will be perfect for summer evenings. 

I like that top @Kachina624 in the green.  The flowers are beautiful. 

I swore off open cardigans, but these are so pretty!  Love the colors!

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@Andreatoo    A397492

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