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Target has a limited time collection of long lasting  pieces created to celebrate home and life. I perused through the new line and they have some nice items.

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Re: Target Introducing Levi's X

@elated  Thank you for the heads up! I do not shop Target often, but the words "long lasting pieces", piqued my interest.👍 I am in need of additional larger sized closet storage organizers, so I will take a peek this week.


The Q and HSN have nice sets that I have purchased in the last few months and like, so hopefully they will be just as good; if not better quality!😊



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Re: Target Introducing Levi's X

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Interesting. Thanks for posting,


Love my Levi's jeans so went to take a look. 

I like a few of the pillows and rugs in the home collection,  but I don't use much blue in my house so the colors don't really work for me. I didn't see anything in the clothing, pet, or accessory categories I liked.