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Re: Talbots 50% off for Cardholders Today thru Dec. 2


@Pearley wrote:

@DiAnne wrote:

I am still waiting for the items from Talbots I ordered on Black Friday.  Hopefully they will be delivered next week.  I also ordered that day from Anthropologie, J. Crew, Nordstrom and Ann Taylor.  I have already received all those orders.  I can't figure out why Talbots shipping always takes so long.

@DiAnne  Did you get an email from T's saying they had to locate your item from a store?  That always takes longer than if they have it in their warehouse.  That's what happened with my Black Friday order.  And I can't ever tell when I order it that that's the case; I always get an email about it after ordering, like I did with Black Friday's order.  



That has happened to me before but not this time.