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I bought some stuff at this big sale Talbots is having and was very pleased.  The knit and velour jackets I bought hang on me exactly the way I would want them to if I was a hundred pounds lighter.  LOL.  I also was pleased with their tops.


Does anybody know about when they have their big summer sale?  I'd like to keep that date in the back of my mind, because their regular prices aren't cheap.

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I've been very happy with my sale purchases from Talbots as well. I used to buy the bulk of my business professional clothing there when I was working. They had such beautifully made suits, and none of that polyester nonsense. Then they sort of lost their way and I didn't purchase for quite a while. Now I'm liking some of their things, but I'm turned off by the over-layered, over-accessorized, almost "adult garanimal" formulaic styling that I see both in the stores and on the associates. Seriously. Not every outfit needs a belt, a vest, a scarf and 3 necklaces! A couple associates that I spoke to said they think it's too much as well, but it's how they're expected to dress.


Anyway...this last go around I really needed to replace a few things. For right around $700, I got a coat, 2 wool blazers, a merino wool sweater, 2 cashmere sweaters, a wool skirt, 2 short sleeved and 2 long sleeved tops. That's quite a haul, and I'm very happy with what I purchased. 

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I remember when Talbot's seldom had a sale!  Seems it was the Red Hanger after Christmas and then a summer sale.  Now they have sales and promotions often - not complaining about that! 

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Summer Red Hanger  (50%) starts around the 4th of July through around the second week of September with additional merchandise being marked down and extra promotions  happening about every 10 days.  

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Thank you @SugarPuff !  I will remember ...