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@njgirl wrote:

I got both but don't find it a great deal when there is not a sale going on unless you use it on a lower priced item like a t shirt.  A more expensive item, minus $20. is less than when they have 30% off.  


I bought one thing with the coupon and will wait for a 30-40% off sale for other things I want which are more expensive. 20% off an $79.95 item is not a good enough sale for me.  I like their clothes but the prices have really gone up.  I love when they have 40% off one item!

This is generally my strategy, too.

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They almost always have a sale going on (like the pants or tops 30% off the past few weeks) except for when they give us the $20.  but nothing on sale except clearance things.  As I said, I am waiting for a better deal!  Also, I bought pants when it was 5X the points, but they have not given me the points yet!  I checked classic awards status and the rewards they posted were not 5X on the pants.

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I used the $20 off on a t-shirt that was on sale.