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Are the only choices left in reg the denim choices?  My screen does not even show the other 3 colors and the petite screen only shows the colors but not the denim.  What is wrong with this website? 

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@bargainsgirl There are no petite sizes. You have to click on the first box for denim option, or second box for the fashion colors. Hope this helps you. 😊

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Thank you!  I saw the 2 boxes and assumed they were petite.  Silly me... petite shorts???  Guess I got up too early to view this!  Now I see the offer is for 2 different fabrics!

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Surprises me how there seems to be a lot of shorts this season.  I never wear shorts anymore unless I am home cleaning the house.  HSN just had Democracy shorts as a TS the other day.

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Not my cup of tea. $33+ for shorts without a nice hem.....uh....nope.



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Petites would have been a good option b/c the rise is proportioned to fit a petite. On me those TSV shorts would have rise which would not fit me correctly. I'm a petite size.

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I like the TSV length and the raw edge very much.  But they look too wide in the leg for me (my thighs are relatively slim).  Those shorts on Leah are too wide in the leg on her, but that's just my taste about them.  I like my shorts to hug my thighs.  That way they stay put and make my thighs look lean.  Not tight, but fitted.  



I took a pair of great fitting jeans I got on a fabulous sale at Target last year, and carefully cut them off myself.  Then I cuffed them once, still showing the frayed hem, and tacked them on each seam so they stay cuffed.  If I bought these shorts today, they'd be 5X what I paid for them.  Smiley Very Happy 

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I was hoping she'd go back to her 11 inch length.  I have one pair from two years ago that I really like.  The 8 inch inseam is just too short for me. I wear shorts all summer.  I can't stand having my knees covered when it's hot.


I ordered the HSN TS bermuda the other day.  It was offered in petites.  I ordered both lengths because I was unsure about which would be best for me.  I'll have to send one back, but it's worth it if I end up with a pair I really like. 


I have also cut off jeans and slacks to make bermudas.  I have two pairs of nice cargo crop pants that I bought at Walmart this spring that are waiting for me to cut off and hem. 

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I've pretty much given up wearing shorts/capris in the summer.   I find skirts and dresses much cooler and more comfortable.  Or alternatively, loose fitting pants like D&C "beach pants."





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I don't wear shorts when I am out and about, but when I'm home I wear them all summer. I would not pay this price, I do cut off jeans I already own that are older and no longer in their prime. It's simple to do and serves its purpose. This year I may need to purchase a few pairs as I have been steadily losing weight and my older jeans no longer fit. But, for my needs (housework, yardwork, slipping on over my swimsuit to sit out by the pool) this is priced too high, I will pick up some at Target, Walmart, etc. I'm not criticizing the shorts, just saying too expensive for my particular need of them. For those who buy these, enjoy.
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