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TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

I just looked the reviews up and they are not great.  Some are saying one of the legs is 2" longer than the other leg, and not from one person, several.



How did this go through QC?    Also, one commented that 2 are of one size and another pair of another color does not fit.




I sure don't understand this, seems to be a constant problem.  Bring the manufacturing back to the USA, both the Q and HSN are large enough to employ their own factories and not rely on out sourcing overseas.

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Re: TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

I didn't have problems with the fit through the waist and hips nor the pant length but the wide puddling bottom hem looked ridiculous on me. That is why I returned mine. I knew the leg was wider but at the hem line they were weird looking. Unlike some, I love the fabric, so I bought the linen blend shorts and skimmers. Love them! Cool to wear and the fit is perfect. I will order those again. They wash well too. I dried mine for 10 minutes on low and then let them air dry. 

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Re: TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

I guess I don't understand how manfacturing works.  I would think that an item, whatever it is, is produced at one particular factory so the sizing should be consistent.  But I guess that isn't how it works???



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Re: TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

Thinking back, and I could be wrong,  I recall one of the TSV pants that seemed a bit long on everyone.  





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Re: TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

If you mean the Denim & Co. TSV Linen blend pants....I returned those right away.  They were supposed to be 30" inseam per the regular length description.  They were easily 3" longer than this or more.  And the fabric was heavy and hot not to mention ugly so even getting them hemmed up was a NO go.  No linen blend anything for me ever again.

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Re: TSV Linen Blend Pant Reviews

 I bought a medium regular navy.  The waist  is at natuarl waist- pull the pants way up.  I should have bought  a size small . The legnth on mine is  closer to 31" . 

I may exchange for a size small .