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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

@JCF.   To the OP:  you ought to love Martha Stewart; she had on a pair of overalls today but they, too, were a far cry from what farmers wear.  She did not, however, make any farmer remarks.  They looked like a pair of stylish jeans sewn to a bib.

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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

@Kachina624:  Thank you for your opinion and input.  However, I never mentioned what style jeans I like.  I wear what I think looks good on me, not what someone wants me to buy.


If someone wants to wear overall's or baggy jeans, they can.  It's that person's body and what they like/feel comfortable in.


I'm sorry, weather it is a snide remark or positive, I'm not sure why you mentioned that I should like Martha Stewart's overall's.


My money is spent on what I think looks right and/or good on me not what someone thinks I need to buy.


My disagreeing opinion of TSV for today was that of the point made to close the sell, only!!!!



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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

@JCF wrote:


@Equuleus:  You have your opinion as well as I, but I DO NOT twist words.


If you think her remark wasn't demeaning to farmers or others think, then why would she retract her remark. 


Farmers dress one way when farming, therefore she made it plain that her jeans don't look like farmers.  What should a farmer wear a tux when in the field?????????


Anyway, I was thinking about odering the jeans, but not after that remark.


Again, I DO NOT twist words.  I heard what she said.  Also, Carolyn said I wear overall's and farm jeans.  








You seem pretty intense about this.  If you choose to feel that way and not order, well hope that makes you feel better.  BUT I bet it does not.

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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

@Ketra wrote:

I don’t care for these TSV jeans at all. It’s probably because they have a cuffed hem. 

Growing up we only wore our jeans cuffed if we hadn’t gotten around to getting them hemmed yet or were too lazy to hem them at all. I think the cuff gives jeans a sloppy look, but that’s just me. 

The show I watched,  she showed how you can easily roll the cuff down,  they aren't sewn down.  So the jeans can be worn either way.

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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

@JCFI understand the word in that context offended you, but it obviously did its job which was to create an image.  Figurative language often does that far better than straight prose.  In fact, yesterday an hour after I wrote my first answer I pulled on an old pair of jeans to check their fit because I've lost weight and as I looked I said to myself  "Those are the farmer jeans from this morning."  Too bad for Ms Felt that they look better on me than her skinny leg alternative.  Farmers aren't all bad!



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Re: TSV 04-01-'19 Laurie Felt Jeans

This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind.