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YAY for brights, though.

~~~ I call dibs on the popcorn concession!! ~~~
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@lolakimono wrote:


I don't do too many trends, but a quick perusal of department store "new arrivals" shows a bit of everything, including cropped wide leg pants.



Thanks again lola! It looks like pants "might" lean more toward a wider width, but straight ones will still be shown too. However, those lengths - those in the first pics are WAY too long for me! Smiley LOL


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I love the stripe tops. J Crew has several really cute ones.




And brights. LOVE this sweater

Stripes and brigths together!


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L.L. Bean has a bunch of stripes too.



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Re: TRENDS: Pre-spring 2016

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too early too even think about spring, 

like the jumpsuit, stripes are a staple for me,  never too many #stripesick

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Thanks for doing this!  What fun!


Love that black and white floral dress with the lacing down the front yoke.

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At my age I know what I like and what I don't. I like seeing the trends each season, but I will wear what I can find that I like. In this case I do like stripes, white, and abstract floral prints. I do not do bohemian unless it's in a printed top that is more structured. I'm not really into flowy loose styles.  I don't wear too many brights either.