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2020 goal: I want to lose weight and fit it the 2nd pile this coming year...Heart Woman LOL

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@PinkyPetunia wrote:

Yes, I admit to having this.  

@PinkyPetunia   Me too!😄

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Yes, I remember those days.  Now I just have one pile, jeans that fit NOW.   It's such a good feeling.

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I've always stayed in jean's pile number one thankfully and nothing has changed size wise for me.  A former smoker, the tragedy that life serves us all on a dish best served cold has caused no weight change other than to lose a few pounds here and there.  I am grateful for this. 



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I didn't start wearing jeans until I was in my twenties.  And I weigh a heck of a lot more than I was in my twenties, tbh.


But that doesn't mean I look bad in my jeans now.  I have a very curvy figure, my thighs are twice the size they were back then.


So the first pile was probably the unforgiving, thick, stiff denim of the 80's (and acid washed---ugh!).


I'll take my stack of soft, thin, stretchy jeans any day.


Now bathing suits, different story!

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Very true lol

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Smiley Happy @SeaMaiden 


I have 3 piles, but not for fit because I grew out of them...


Pile 1: jeans that are too baggy, you know, old-fashioned

Pile 2: jeans that are just not perfect, fabric not soft enough, pocket placement, length, etc.

Pile 3: the ones I wear in spite of them not being perfect

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@Chrystaltree wrote:

Yes, I remember those days.  Now I just have one pile, jeans that fit NOW.   It's such a good feeling.



@Chrystaltree   When going through my closet to purge...the jeans stacks pretty much stayed as is. I'd say I wear jeans (black 2 or 3 days a week and a shade of blue 2 other days). I rarely wear pants, slacks, trousers. It's just not my lifestyle.


Within those colors, there are 2 styles: skinny jeans and straight leg ones. My size hasn't changed since college. I have Levi's or in the last several years have added NYDJ which fit much better.


The Levi's are now my house/errands jeans. NYDJ are my "dressier" jeans. Black dressy jeans w/ a nice sweater is overdressed in a nice restaurant in my college town. 

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Just one pile for me.  Mostly more currentish style.  Very strict about one out/one in.


I do keep and occasionally wear two pairs from the late 60s collage days.  Worry about washing them too much.  But memories.....


Only changed size for a bit with the babies.