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I am copying a post I made in the Suggestion Box forum when someone started a thread complaining about Jane's personal talk.  As someone else said, if sales were down when Jane started the personal talk, it would stop.  QVC monitors all of that.  Here is my post from that thread.


Does anyone remember when Jonathon Anton had a haircare line on QVC?  He also had a reality tv show that I watched.  His reality tv show filmed him going to QVC for various meetings and vendor training and it also filmed him selling his items on QVC.  It was interesting that at that time, TPTB who did the training were very clear with vendors that THEY are not the stars. The product is and that the vendor needs to let the host do his/her job of selling the product and that they, the vendor, should not be taking over or overstepping the hosts.


But most interesting was that the show filmed people from Jonathan's company, backstage while he was on air.  There were computers that had graphs on them that tracked sales.  When the hosts talked about certain things, sometimes sales spiked and the producer would tell the host to keep talking about what she was talking about because sales were high.  OTOH sometimes sales plummeted or were stagnant and the producer told them to move on and talk about something else or they told hosts what to say.  Sometimes it was personal stories of the hosts that caused sales to spike.