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Re: Sweater Sets

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I love the sweater set, always have. I think they're pretty, practical, and versatile.


I especially like the sweater set as a business look, one that's softer and more feminine than a suit jacket or blazer.


It seems to me they're usually around in one form or another. An update might call for short or 3/4 sleeves, or a pointelle fabric, or some other revision of the basic idea.



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I live in my sweater sets. I think they look prim and proper and are classics. I wear mine with jeans or slacks. As a Southern Belle, I love to accessorize with a strand of pearls or any jewelry that works with the outfit.


I would never get rid of my twin sets. They are perfect for the weather in the South, and so many ways to get the most from them. IMHO, they've never been a trend or fad in my lifetime; are always correct and fashionable. As a teacher, I wore them almost daily, and now as a retired teacher, I still wear them. I have a closet full of all colors and brands, but nothing outlandish.



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You are right, they are not trendy nor are they fashionable but then again, not everything has to be.  These are classics that can tone down a trendy or fashionable skirt or pants just act as a clean background for bold accessories be they jewelry or scarves.

You can also break up the set and wear the cardi over a dress, the shell under a jacket, etc.  If you like the color, fabric and fit and it is still in good condition, I see no reason to get rid of a set