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She thinks she looks young in them..



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Flared jeans are on the cusp of making a major comeback. They emanate the perfect '70s vibe, and they make your legs look like they’re a mile long. Rock your flared jeans with a crop top and a pair of wedges for a look that’s perfect for everything from a music festival to a trip to the mall.

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Re: Susan's Jeans

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The more I view Tobes' photo here, I'm thinking that a lighter weight denim fabric would interest me.  In the photo, the jeans aren't too tight on the top and seem to hang/drape nicely.  I'm thinking that a 'classy' lightweight flare would be ideal during Summer/warm days.   I'm thinking that I'd like to see flares in a bleached or light denim fabric.  Slightly loose and casual. 

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