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Susan Graver

Is it me or is Susan Graver getting more expensive. Over fifty bucks for a blouse is ridiculous. I will not purchase any of her items

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Re: Susan Graver

I've been saying that for a while now. I can't and I won't spend that much money for a polyester top. It seems ridiculous to me. The quality is not worth it (I've returned too  many already), and the price seems out of whack to me. The tops last (because poly is durable), but still..........

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Re: Susan Graver

Seems to me like all of their lines are going up in price.  Not aware of any brand that is not that is carried by QVC.  Not sure of the other shopping channels.  I do know that HSN crafts seem to have gone up in price also.  

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Re: Susan Graver

I defintely agree with you Marge!  Susan's tops are getting more expensive. I have purchased many from her line and on a positive feedback, they do last for years, keep their shape and do not fade. However when I shop in a department store I find the same quality tops for much less. Denim & Co. seems to be reasonably priced although there are a few Denim & Co. Studio (top of this line I'm guessing) that are a little over the top as far as pricing. Lastly, I would rather just check out Susan's line on the Q website...cannot take her invasive personality, tone and excitement, she needs a valium or something to control her. I don't need to be yelled at to buy-lol

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Re: Susan Graver

I love and have a lot of SG, but I only purchase TSVs, ODO or lunchtime specials any more. 

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Re: Susan Graver

She had a top on clearance during her show this morning and I thought that was even high. 

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Re: Susan Graver can pound the pavement going from store to store.....for weeks on end,  looking for bargains..........or............. C L I C K

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Re: Susan Graver

Agree.  Prices have increased, quality has decreased.   Expecting high prices because of tariffs being installed.  Anything from China will be more expensive.  

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Re: Susan Graver


QVC owns the Graver line. They set the prices.

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Re: Susan Graver

I agree. I have really liked alot of things lately but I won't pay $60 for a top or $60 for a pair of crop pants. Unless they do some price adjusting, I won't be buying anymore Susan Graver.