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That is laughable... I am not jealous of anyone including Susan Graver Smiley Very Happy

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Attempted a few minutes of SG with Sandra on Sunday night. Sandra was talkiing, giving colors, and SG walked away from her, talking louder than Snadra, over to the model. As though Sandra was not even there!  Amazing.

Just can not watch her.  Sandra keeps talking (her job) but SG just LOUDLY talks right over her.  All the time.  Every minute.  Like two teenagers.  Not good.

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Anyone who thinks Susan Graver's clothing is expensive, doesn't know quality.  Always remember you get what you pay for.  I am still wearing Susan's clothing from 10 years a go and they still look brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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I think she looks fabulous and what is an age appropriate hair style?  That is old school thinking.  Women in their 60's wear their hair long these days.  As long as one's hair is healthy  and well styled (which Susan's is) its very flattering.

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please stop dancing around and talking over hostess  cannot hear vital info  also  do something about your itchy tags  i have ruined so many blouses trying to cut them off    being petite  length of shirts are getting longer and price is out of control   just purchased for the last time 2 tops and if not happy will return and never purchased another item from susan graver    she needs a zanax

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I have loved all the dresses I bought. I would like to see more dressess in liquid knit. I would like to see in princess seams in a houndsthooth in medium squares maybe in black in ivory, red black, blue black ect. Please consider. Thank you

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I am SOOOOOOOOOOO   getting a headache from Susan Graver.  I want to watch one item but she cannot shut up....same tone of voice for hours on end.  Good day  NOT to watch QVC...why don't they tell her not to be so rude....she is awful