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Susan Graver butterknit tops

She has the best, most long lasting tops, anywhere. I love her and her fun attitude. She's hyper like soooo many of us from NYC.

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Re: Susan Graver butterknit tops

I like how long lasting the colors are.  They never fade.  No ironing either and no pillling.  They are practically perfect.  It's great for polyester.  And I live in a very humid summer area, and they are not uncomfortable.  Oh they moan and groan over her talking.  But her products make up for it.  No I don't have problem areas.  My body is in proportion.  So I don't have problems like a big bum or fat hips.  So each product I get from her fit.  It's all I ask for and so far she delivers.

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Re: Susan Graver butterknit tops

I love all the Susan Graver I own!

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Re: Susan Graver butterknit tops

I have a peach skin tank that is fabulous on hot days, like today.  Really, truly, doesn't cling, even when I am perspiring like mad, like today.  I have many other pieces, and love them all.

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Re: Susan Graver butterknit tops

I like butterknit too, but lately the fabric is different. It is thinner now. More like her liquid knit. The last couple of butterknit tops I have ordered have been sent back for just that reason. I wish she would go back to the original fabric that she was using and come out with a bigger selection. I have yet to try her new premier knit. Has anyone here tried it? How does it compare to butterknit?