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Re: Susan Graver Wide Boot Cut Jeans

I love those flares on Susan.  They are NOT wide legged.  They are flares.  They look good on her, and they make her look thin. 


My Hot in Hollywood ones , from a few years back, look a bit like hers.  


I'm sure she paid $200 plus for these.  I'd not buy her pair if she "makes" one as they won't look the same or feel the same.  Her clothes are always "off".  --at least on me!

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Re: Susan Graver Wide Boot Cut Jeans

Shades of the 1970's!  No thanks - been there, done that.  Those flared jeans going all the way to the floor remind me of the jeans Lisa Robertson wore almost every Monday night on PM Style.  I didn't particularly like them on her and I don't like them on Susan either.  Those who like them - enjoy!  I just hope they don't get so popular, that straight legs will become rare.  This is just my opinion so I hope no one takes offense at my reply to this post.