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Was just checking Items Recently On Air...and saw a SG

top i was interested in........went to the measurements "click here".....and again  i am finding that her tops especially are running much smaller then in the past........i would have to go up 1 or 2 sizes according to the measurements...and i have not gained  or changed weight......the last few years i could usually order the same size...but this past year or so i am finding that the measurements are less especially in the bust/arm areas...........i haven't ordered much of her items this past few months because of it.....are you finding it the same?

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With SG - I usually have to size up if it's an item that's woven vs. knit fabric.


In one instance, I had to go up two sizes for a woven fabric shirt ... and it just fit.   I have a small bust ... but I'm wide across the back and shoulders. 



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Susan Graver's inconsistencies in her sizes is just one of the many reasons I don't buy her clothes any more. Just looking at some of her tops this year, I would have bought a medium, large or xtra large do to the measurements on her sizing charts. That is ridiculous. There is no consistency in her sizes. Guess that is what you get from a company where most of her clothes are not made in the US.

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I have several of her tops and they all ft the same.  Never a problem with her sizing.  Just ordered two tops today and ordered my regular size.  

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It seems to me, it depends on how the garment is supposed to fit.  The "look", the "style", the cut, how the wearer wants it to "work", how it works with the individual body wearing it.


I have some Graver from a span of years (and up to recently), mostly the same size but not entirely.  I have not noticed a shift in the sizing, except that not every piece shares the same specs.

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I always size down in SG. I am a S or M in brick and mortar in tops, but I always order an XS in SG and most Q brands.  I prefer my tops fitted, not tight, but definitely not loose and baggy. If I order as they instruct and add 2-4 inches to the garment measurement, and pick a size accordingly, the top ends up being too big. I always check the online measurements, but I know that I am taking a risk with fit which is why I don’t buy many clothes online. I prefer to try things on first before buying. 

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I always wore a small in Susan's tops and now I have to go up to a medium.  Somtimes Medium is too big, but small is too small now.   I can still wear all of  old small's so it is not me that changed.  Especially in her tanks I noticed that many small are 37" now instead of the previous 29".  It could be because many complained that her tops ran too large so she changed the sizing down a bit.