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Is It just me or do the prices for tops (for the most part) seem out of line with what you actually get?   To pay $60 for a simple top with no embellisments sounds a bit much for me.   I do like  lot of the line but it's making me look elsewhere.   I remember when the average price for  SG top was around $40.  Why the severe price hikes?

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I can't answer your question but the pricing seems to be in line with what I see at local department stores.


I never pay that price, the department stores often have good sales, plus coupons, etc.

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I love SG's clothing line and have purchased a number of items over the years.  However, I currently refuse to pay anything more than $50 for her tops.  Liquid knit is awesome, IMHO.  I prefer it to any other fabric that I wear.  Wears like iron, launders like a dream and always looks good.  No wrinkly mess while wearing it, even after several hours.

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The pricing is high but her quality is better than others, I would say except for Louis's items. I have several of her maxi skirts that I wear a lot. I think she makes the best maxi skirt. I also have several of her liquid knit cardigans. These cardigans wear like iron, never fade, shrink, or pill and come in handy to throw on over most anything. I bought most of mine on sale, lunch time special or a discounted rate but the number of times I wear these things sets off the high price that I paid for the item. 

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I think the prices of QVC clothes in general are very high and for the most part - out of range of my budget. However, I also realize that , depending upon where you live, they may not seem high if you live where the cost of living is high - like NYC or LA for instance.

As for liquid knit - I can't wear it in the summer here in Florida - it just doesn't breathe, so it is one season clothing for me.That takes away a lot of it's value. I'd much rather wear cotton or cotton/poly blends that breathe.

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For my entire life, there have been lines of clothing, whole stores in fact, that I either could not or would not pay to own. 


I know I can buy clothes more inexpensively than Susan's, but over the years I've been buying her items, I've found the quality of her line to be so much better than the cheaper lines elsewhere that in the end, I save more than I'd spend elsewhere.  Truth be told, the Graver line is better than her closely priced competitors elsewhere!  I know because I've tried those.





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Kohl’s and Chico’s have same “polyester” which she refers to as liquid knit for much less on sale. Ridiculous!

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Her clothes last forever. Well worth the price for me.

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@curlyque1 Things must have changed at Chico's.  I stopped shopping there some time ago because I found their prices to be way higher than other stores in my area.  Certainly way higher than SG.

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It’s a shame that floral blouse is just so expensive. Her prices are very high.