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Long, long time Graver Girl but the higher prices made me go cold turkey and not miss it. I think that foreign mills and related costs have gone up. Most product not made in USA. Either the foregoing reasons or growing grandkids estates. Sorry, but rising, synthetic, simple tops just not worth it. I also notice after taking Shopping sabbatical not that many new designs. Lots of older stock offered.

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Respectfully disagree. The Gracy@s store (sic) metal. Have cute designs, colors and try on. They take returns 1 mo. Lower prices, free ships, promo codes. No one is only show today.

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@Ptaz wrote:

Is It just me or do the prices for tops (for the most part) seem out of line with what you actually get?   To pay $60 for a simple top with no embellisments sounds a bit much for me.   I do like  lot of the line but it's making me look elsewhere.   I remember when the average price for  SG top was around $40.  Why the severe price hikes?

I think I posted something similar a while back. I agree with you 100%! Some of her tops are nice, but not worth the prices. And, they are all polyester and imported. There is nothing to me that is worth $60.00 for one of her tops. I would buy Issac instead. 

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Only diamonds are forever and their payments. Hah. Tops that are $60 and last forever accumulate, designs dated, unless plain as ginger snap cookie. Whatever floats one's boat. I don't have girlfriends that brag I have this top since 1989. 

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  Susan’s prices have gone way up in the last couple of years. I buy a lot less. If something jumps out at me I’ll buy it otherwise it’s a pass.

  I find that Marshall’s has some really cute tops at discounted prices.

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To repeat what has been said here hundreds of times.  Susan or any other vendor does not determine the cost of their items.  QVC does.

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Prices for her things are too high.  I'm not buying polyester and I'd rather shop elsewhere that has proper sales, coupons and incentives to shop.  I also would prefer to try clothes on and check them over the before buying to avoid the hassle of returns.  

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The prices going up seem in direct proportion to Susan's heightened chatter. I might buy more if I was given a nanosecond of quiet to think clearly.

It does seem that her clothes hold up well, though that kind of flies in the face of seasonal introductions and the very definition of fashion. 

If I went into a store and a sales person confronted me with all that SG jabber, I'd run away asap!