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Re: Suggestions needed to organize tons of clothes

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What a wonderful way to share your New Year wishes.   Wishes for everyone to have a wonderful 2016.  May this be the year we see PEACE at last.  



@INDIANA BONES,   I enjoyed reading this topic.  


I think all homes should a room that is a closet and not another bedroom.   Girls need lots of stuff and things.  It is in our DNA...

....I am sure.  (smile)


Hope you are feeling better now.   Get well and stay healthy.  


Have a wonderful 2016.    Yes, Peace!

I am feeling much better, thank you very much.  I am glad you enjoyed this subject.  Everyone really had some good ideas that can benefit many.  You are so right, girls do need lots of things.  Being the only guy in the family, I try to keep my girls happy which is why I started looking at this forum to begin with.  To get gift idea thoughts.  Actually posting and fellowship with others here is fun for relaxation when I am home alone.   It also keeps me out of trouble.  LOL.   May you also have a wonderful 2016 sweet one and maybe we both can have a new closet like the photo here someday.  HA HA.   


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Re: Suggestions needed to organize tons of clothes


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Wow! Unless she is ready for a major purge and intervention (and I am not sure she is) you may just have to live with it. If you don't need the space I agree that turning a spare bedroom into another closet might help. 


Thank you for your response Wilma.  Working on making a bedroom at my home into a closet now.   Slowly but surely because racks are expense now and it is college tuition time.  Great idea and when we marry she will have much of her clothing already at my home.

I hate to say it, but I've toyed with this idea myself. I have a walk in closet but it's not super huge. I've already got most of the upstairs bedrooms filled with clothes. I can get better about weeding through those. But I also store other items in those closets. I also have lots of shoes and purses. I have a big house with extra bedrooms. It seems that might be easier than trying to cram things in my walk in and rotate seasonal items since I'm in FL we wear summer clothes one day and the temp might drop 40 degrees one day, then back again. 


I don't think I have too many clothes. I've recently purchased many new things and have gotten rid of others already. I'd just like to be able to spread things out more and be able to see what have have.  Especially shoes. They get stacked in boxes and I can barely climb back there to get to them. But then I think it seems a bit extravagant and silly. Still on the fence. 


I'm not buying anything for awhile. I'm glad I've updated my wardrobe even though I always did, I just didn't buy THAT many new things. I guess I'll ponder on it a bit longer. I sometimes think I should get rid of more things and I'll get pretty tough and donate a lot of clothes. I just want to get more organized and I really have the space. 

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Re: Suggestions needed to organize tons of clothes

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Reba, I think you will be like my girlfriend in that once you get things organized, you will maintain it.  It is just getting started and determining how to get it organized.  Good Luck!  My girlfriend found winter coats with the tags on them that she purchased at the end of the season last winter.  I think she has worn a new coat every day since she started on her project.  Still a long way to go but we will eventually get there.   Good luck on your future project Reba!

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Re: Suggestions needed to organize tons of clothes

MERCY !  Be still my racing heart !

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That closet give me heart palpitations!!

@DiAnne...ITA! It gave me ideas...don't think I could fill it all but, it's a nice size for 2.