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Sofia Vergara in a Faithfull The Brand crop top $55 and matching skirt $80. Sold out on Net A Porter. Crop tops are a no for me but I would definitely wear the skirt.


She looks so pretty in a very inexpensive outfit. Don't know how she walks in those shoes, probably town car to door shoes.



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Re: Such A Cute Outfit

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Cute outfit ! Maybe the top is actually long enough to tie at the waist rather than midriff.

Did a little search for it and found the skirt and top, but I wonder if counterfeits of it are being sold because the top looks like the sleeve has a loose cuff in the above picture, but is being shown in a less flattering elasticized sleeve, no cuff.

I know there is a lot of this going on. Fraud companies in China making and selling cheap knock offs of everything, stealing and posting pictures of the expensive version on their website .

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She looks beautiful here.  Very nice outfit on her.  She appears to be happy and healthy.

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The dress is cute but the heels, I would kill myself.  Maybe if this was 30 years ago!  She is a very beautiful woman and really does not show her age -- excellent genes.  Is she they lady with a collection at Walmart too?

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I LOVE it!!!



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She would look gorgeous in a paper bag!!

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I'm not a fan of her as an actress, but she's a beautiful woman and certainly rocks that outfit.

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I love the dress, especially the print. She is gorgeous in every way, but those shoes ruin it for me.