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The model is stunning!  Love her coloring including her make-up.

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That’s gorgeous!

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@Andreatoo- I agree @StylishLady would wear it very well! 

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I actually have a couple of tops similar to that and of course a few pairs of matching pants/leggings. Thanks for the idea.

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The peplum is a NO, and the sleeves are way too flared. The lace looks REALLY cheap.

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Re: @Stylishlady

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@Andreatoo wrote:

@DREAMON wrote:

I think it's very pretty and would wear it but a strapless bra is out of the question for me...I hate them.

I think the model is adorable and don't think she looks strange at all.


I think you could get away with a nude bra that matches your skin tone. I'm not into the strapless either even though the Rhonda Shear I purchased is actually pretty comfortable it probably comes up too high on that sweetheart neckline

I too think the model is stunning and I'm a little disturbed by some of the ragging people are doing on her!


Yep...a nude bra with a thin strap would work and the model is obviously stunning ....I gave up trying to figure people out a long time ago.

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I love the models look...she is almost gender neutral if that is something you can say here.I think the top is definitely very stylish just a little harder to wear after a certain age.

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Re: @Stylishlady

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Beautiful top but not appropriate for an older woman

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@I am still oxox wrote:

Beautiful top but no appropriate for an older woman

I know a lot of older ladies who would look much better in it than a lot of (so-called) younger ladies.


What I love about our @StylishLady is she has the self confidence (and body) to wear what she likes.

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I think the model is beautiful.  I don't get some of the comments...

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