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Stripes, Star Trek, Sweatshirts, & Animals

I went to Macy's and Kohl's today to spend a little birthday money. I saw lots and lots and lots of horizontal stripes for fall; thin stripes, thick stripes, and everything in between. I purchased a Tommy Hilfiger long sleeve sweater with various thicknesses of stripes in shades of blue.

I also saw lots of tops that reminded me of Star Trek. I know there was a hysterical thread on SG's Star Trek like top recently, but let me tell you I saw tons of other designers doing very similar things. I just can't get past the whole Star Trek reference so I won't be buying any of those.

I also saw some sweatshirts with embellishments. I tried on a few but I just didn't like them on me. Most of them were too short in length and too boxy.

I also saw tops with animals printed on them in various sizes. I saw zebras, giraffes, elephants, camels, and birds. I ended up buying a sleeveless top in olive with small zebras on it. I plan on wearing it with black bottoms and a black cardigan.

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Re: Stripes, Star Trek, Sweatshirts, & Animals

Stripes do seem to be continuing this fall don't they? I'm seeing faux leather trim too.

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Re: Stripes, Star Trek, Sweatshirts, & Animals

I'm avoiding stores right now. Waiting to buy in a month or two.

I love stripes! It has to be the right kind - placed well & a good width though. like everything else, there are good ones and bad ones.

I don't think I have any right now. I'll get a few striped tops for fall, I hope. I did have a nice outfit with a striped top & a great striped cowl tank top but both are too big & headed to consignment.

I like Susan's ST top that went viral.

I like the "new" lightweight French terry sweatshirts. I have three of them, all rock bottom discounted. Two are a bit longer in back than in front but not a huge difference. None are embellished. I am not much of a fan of embellishments on anything. A little goes a long way with me.

Your olive zeba top sounds nice & like something I'd wear. I do like animal print but don't currently own clothes with it. I hope to get something for fall. One or two tops would be great. I do have some animal print sunglasses.

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Re: Stripes, Star Trek, Sweatshirts, & Animals

I'm not sure hat I would rely on either store for capturing the "styles" of the season. Macy's offers high end designer clothing but they also sell mediocre "design" labels; STyle & Co, etc.,

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Re: Stripes, Star Trek, Sweatshirts, & Animals

I'm seeing an explosion of stripes in the stores and catalogs. One style I see a lot is the Breton stripe top, similar to what Duchess Kate wears.

I love the lightweight terry sweatshirts! They suit a casual lifestyle and the climate where I live. I bought a couple last year and wore them a lot. I like ones with an open neckline.

I've also seen whimsical tops with giraffes and other animals. Not my style, but they are cute.

There are some high-low hems on tops and sweaters. For some reason they don't work at all for me (probably I'm not tall enough).