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Renee with Women with Control is annoying in a lot of ways, but she needs to stop using "the girls" when referring to a woman's chest.  She talks about body parts much too often.  We don't all focus on how our behinds look, etc.  It just makes me cringe.

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I've never purchased her "creations" mainly because the thought of all that spandex makes me cringe and sweat.....   

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A similar forum was posted the other day and was poofed.  Some people got into vendor bashing and took it in a very bad direction.  I think this vendor is over the top with body part references, especially the silly nicknames.  The vendor doesn't need to be stodgy, but she needs to cool it a bit.   I'm sure the vendor thinks it's all in fun, but it's getting old.  

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Okay, I've never seen this vendor.  But, I DO want to know how my behind looks!  LOL!!!  Woman LOL  Not too big, hopefully!

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@Jaspersmom wrote:

A similar forum was posted the other day and was poofed.  ...(snip) ..... I'm sure the vendor thinks it's all in fun, but it's getting old.  


I agree it's getting old ....


What's amusing is that Renee brags about how great the pants are for your rear end ... and then sells long tunics that cover your rear end.  


What's the point of "curvation" pants?   Smiley Happy 

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All I can say is just stop all this nonsensical bashing posting about her!!! She sells a clothing line that is supposed to shape and hold your butt in so how else is she going to do it??!!!  The "girls" is a widely acceptable term for the bust, breasts, boobs, etc so nothing wrong there.  No matter what anyone calls them someone will be just as offended.  It's not that important and doesn't really have any impact in anyone's life so what's the point of all these dumb posts over and over and over again?!!!??

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@maggi the cat She doesn't need to do anything just because you say she does.  What about the Breezies presentor?  Other hosts and vendors use it also.  I don't care for it but if it bothers you - volume or another channel is a choice.

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Great point @ALRATIBA. What is the point? Personally I am really tired of the flouncy tops, ruffles, frills, shark bits, angled cut bottoms and all of the way over the top expensive price points for rayon span and liquid knit polyesters. It's all the same, nothing new, too much fabric, every designer here sells all of the same stuff.


It's very tiresome.


I really like Renee's bottoms but I would not model for her. She would not be asking me on worldwide tv to wiggle my ars, nor would she be touching it.

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Does not bother me what she calls them.