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@Kachina624   Growing up rayon was known as a cheap fabric but I would think there are all grades of rayon just like cotton.   Everyone has a difference preference.

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Check out Land's End Women's Supima Cotton Tees.  They are a nice weight for warm weather and wash well, hang dry.   There is a 40% off sale today.

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LL BEAN has excellent quality 100% pima cotton shirts and tops.

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Love all cotton.  

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I totally hear ya! That's why I tend to stay away from Denim and Company. Everything they make, is rubbery, loaded with spandex. I just can't stand that line anymore.

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@Kachina624   Growing up rayon was known as a cheap fabric but I would think there are all grades of rayon just like cotton.   Everyone has a difference preference.

@Katcat1   Rayon has come a long way since it's early years. 

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I own tops that are 100% cotton, cotton/spandex, modal, rayon, poly, blends, etc.


I prefer a cotton poly blend which doesn't shrink, fade, or wrinkle like some all cotton pieces. I also find this blend to be a bit more substantial in thickness & weight so it doesn't cling. I don't mind a bit of spandex, but some tops with too much of it feel like rubber to me. This is exactly why I prefer shopping in person. I can feel the fabric and tell immediately if I will like it.

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

The Isaac Mizrahi line has what seems like lots of Pima cotton t-shirts.  


The new brand, Seed to Style has organic 100% cotton t-shirts.


Denim & Co. has a few 100% cotton t-shirts.


Perhaps those will interest you.


Then leave the rest to me since I do not want to iron 100% cotton.  Plus, I like the comfort and smooth fit of a little spandex, and definitely modal.



@Caaareful Shopper , I don't care for 100% cotton t-shirts either.  Many of them stretch out of shape, wrinkle and they certainly don't wick aways moisture in the summer.  If they were moisture wicking workout wear would be made of 100% cotton. There is a reason it isn't.

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I have a few all cotton shirts. The material is very stiff and I don't dry them in the dryer because they shrink. And as a plus-size lady, I need my spandex for fit and comfort. 

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@sunshine45   I remember saying Pima cotton which is different than regular cotton.  Pima is so soft and washes beautifully.



i dont care for ANY form of 100% cotton.....even if i like the print or brand, if it says all cotton i am out. if it is cotton, i prefer it to have at least 5% spandex or any other type of blend.

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