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Stop the Insanity - No more Elephant Legs!

I am so sick and tired of ordering pants from the Q only to have to return them because in the larger sizes (I wear a L or XL) the legs are 30+ inches wide! On the models the thighs seem to fit nicely so I sucker for them and now have started checking the garment measurements. Ridiculous - these baggy butt/thigh pants add pounds and don't hide a thing. Personally I carry my weight in my waist so need a larger size to fit the mid-section but as I age my thighs and hips are shrinking. Diane Gilman gets it; I have yet to find a designed on QVC that does. Please start carrying bottoms in larger sizes that don't have Elephant Legs. D&Co. and Sport Savvy are the worst, closely followed by all the others. Even the so-called slim leg pants have disproportionate thighs.