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Re: Stinky New Clothes?

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Never thought of that chemical smell as being insecticide for bugs!!!  Grosses me out!! I don't order clothing online anymore for that many reasons and now that one is #1 on my list, and for others too--I go to my fav brick and mortar store and always find what I need, the right size and no waiting for it to be shipped. I have gotten many things in the past that smelled and sent them back. I find that black denim is a major culprit. Aways sniff the things I buy too--I know a little weird but if the stink, I don't buy!!! Have never had any luck with the DYI remedies to remove it either. 



The insecticides are used on clothes in regular stores, too, if they are imported. The only difference is that they have been aired out a bit so you might not notice a smell but they have definitely been treated.


And made in USA clothes ordered online should not have the smell because they haven’t been imported and did not need to be treated.

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I believe it's the plastic bags also. I haven't had too many problems with smells. I just ordered clothing from a Facebook site, it was pretty bad smelling. I hung the garment on hanger & sprayed with Febreeze, several times. The bag is what smells the worse. 

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wildob3 —- hence the reason I sniff before I buy! I have a very sensitive nose so can smell the funk even if it is very faint. Hard to find a USA made clothing, but I try most times.