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My order from April 27th is still in process....can't cancel. Today is May 13th. Customer Service isn't giving out any new info today.  Although a few days ago they did give me a $10 merchandise credit for my inconvenience.  I need the Isaac tee shirt for my Flexibelle jeans so I just reordered it. We'll see what happens.  Does anyone know what's going on at their warehouse that is causing the delays ?

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It may be unkind but it's true! I used to get my orders within 7 days. Not anymore. It's really sad. I hope QVC gets this straightened out soon.

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They are modernizing their warehouses and integrating shipping with HSN.  


It's taking a long time, but I think QVC will get it straightened out eventually. They have no other choice, do they?

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Re: Still " IN PROCESS"

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I have been waiting on an exchange.  The expected delivery date was 10 days ago.  It’s still in process.  There must have been a way to have handled this more efficiently.


ETA:  It has shipped finally.  

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Thanks for this information. I'm just wanting to understand.