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I have 4 sets of Stan Herman's Lounge Wear #A87664, which unfortunately is no longer available.  I have two blue, and two brown sets.  I just love these and wear them around the house and also to sleep in.  I would love for Mr. Herman to make more sets, maybe in more colors and also with a longer leg.  I love the fabric he used, so comfortable, and washes so well.  Please make more.  Thank you.

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I also love Stan Herman lounge wear.  His chenille robes were absolutely the best.  I wish he would make more of them.

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Re: Stan Herman Lounge wear

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Stan, I heard you say you read everything on the Q regarding your items. PLEASE bring back chenille robes!! I love your lounge wear, but the chenille was the best.

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I too would love to see the chenille robes, but the OLD style chenille.  The newer ones offered before they disappeared would shed into nothing.  They were terrible quality which is probably why they eventually went away.

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Yes, Yes,  Please bring back the chenille robes from years ago.  I had a pink robe with large deeper pink buttons.  I loved that robe and wore it for years.  That was back when he also made the little bears, I think they were called Nubbies, or something similar.  I still have one of them!

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I would like cotton dresses with the elastic under the bustline.   I have one he did years ago that also has elastic around the neckline and armhole.  I love it.  So easy to throw on.

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The last few years Stan made chenille robes, all people did was complain about them because they shed so badly.  I figure they lost their good manufacturer and nobody else measured up.  You don't often see chenille robes these days.

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Stan used to make robes that looked like nightshirts out of fleece.... I LOVED THEM and they are now old and I want more!  They usually had a kangaroo type pocket in the front and about four big buttons down the front (or a small zipper).  The bottom had a smile hemline!  ALSO this was before the super-soft squishy plush fleece that's everywhere.


Stan you only have to make a couple of styles.... I'll buy both and stock up!  Woman LOL 

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Re: Stan Herman Lounge wear

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@luv-the-Q wrote:

I also love Stan Herman lounge wear.  His chenille robes were absolutely the best.  I wish he would make more of them.

Speaking of robes.  I would love to find a nice quilted robe like the ones you see in the old movies.  I even think Lucy had one on I Love Lucy.  They always looked so comfortable.  They were very long, flowing kind of in the back.  I just love the look of those.

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Think Stan, might be fasing out his line. Agree with the comment quality isn't the same. Seems the case with several brands. Sigh miss the good ole days. 😥