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Re: Stan Herman 91 years old ?

I know a gentleman that volunteers in the same place that DH and I do, and he just turned 90 two days ago.  I swear if you met him you would guess his age in the 70s.  He is vibrant, and has a great sense of humor, and sharp!  He told me that he swims everyday - 20 laps. 

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Re: Stan Herman 91 years old ?

@ValuSkr Iris last appeared on air in February 2020 before Covid/Lockdowns happened.  


The last time they had a show of her items was September 2020.  She appeared only in taped segments taking about fashion.


She hasn't made an appearance in 2021 at all and all but one of her items is on clearance.


Looks like either she retired her line or HSN discontinued it. Or it's been put on hold due to all the manufacturing/shipping issues going on.


You can see all of her old shows on HSN's YouTube channel.

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Re: Stan Herman 91 years old ?

@ValuSkr @MezzieStarr 


After seeing this post, did a YouTube search...not only is that documentary "Iris" on there...I think you rent it, (but I'd still check Amazon Prime etc.)


But I also saw this: 

Attitude and Style: a Conversations with Iris Apfel

Watching it now...typically fascinating as ever listening to her stories. So straight forward, witty, instinctive the way she's gone about life, career, which I relate to...and...what a memory!