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At Sam's today there spring fringed cardi's are around $12 and change.


Then I looked at HSN and I believe the Q has them too and they of course are much higher in price.


Then I thought this was a trend for spring 2017 only to find out there were numerous threads last year mid summer with similar titles.


i'm just surprised this is continuing to trend along with asymetrical and open arm tops.

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@Just BlingI haven't looked at the new fringed cardigans, but the trend is definitely not new.  Somewhere in my little NY apt I have one from at least 5 years ago -  bought it on deep sale from Nordstrom.  It didn't fit when I packed to come south in the fall, but I think it will be perfect when I return.  Glad to hear it's still in style somewhere!

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If Sams has them, more than likely, they're overstock from last season.  That speaks volumes.

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I have one I bought in Chico's about 10 years ago.  (It was expensive!)


It's been hibernating for the past five or so years.  Looks like I'm ready for Spring!

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I love fringe!  (Although I don't have many fringed items at all.)  Thanks for reminding me to venture out to look for a few (inexpensive) fringed items!

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