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Some AG jeans and tops

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Some jeans & tops from AG.  The wide leg jean seems to have disappeared.  Winter is coming & the skinny comes back again to show off boots.


AG jeans and their pretty colored jeans.  This one is a cigarette and I love that color.  The jeans style is called the Faye and the color is  Presence. Rise is 9" inseam 30"  11" leg opening. My ideal jean is the cigarette. Sigh...Might get this one

The Ex Boyfriend  Inseam 27"  rise 9.25"

Because I love grey.  This is called the LB shirt.  Love the color.  Sharp looking color  

 Color is called eternity Rise 11" inseam 31"

These are straight jeans  

Farrah Skinny  Color is called 4years Kindling.  Rise is 9" Inseam 28"

AG knows how to make turtle necks the way they're supposed to be

Jada Sweatshirt

The Jadyn Sweatshirt

Cyra Sweatshirt

The Cyra Sweatshirt



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I like most of these jeans and tops. The models look great. 


I’ve always wanted a grey pair of jeans. That super skinny dark pair looks way too tight for me, but all the others jeans I would try. I like all the tops, except, I’m not a fan of the neckline on the last top. 

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I like every single one of these looks.  Tops and jeans!


I'm the one who prefers the highest rise possible, so I'd choose that one.  I believe #4.


But, all of them are 'perfect'.  


Also, love the boat neck 'sweatshirt'.  Very classy/classic.

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Re: Some AG jeans and tops

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I don't like higher waisted jeans in general. 

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@GenXmuse wrote:

I don't like higher waisted jeans in general. 


Agreed. They can be cute on a wide leg denim but for the most part I prefer a lower rise on my traditional or classic style jeans. A higher waist is fine on a nice trouser though

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AG? Attorney General jeans? What does AG stand for?

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I like the yellow sweatshirt.  The red sweatshirt looks like the model is wearing a child's shirt.  


The tight jeans look like leggings - which I know you don't wear @Songbird1 .

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Sigh....if I only had legs like those models!!

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Jeans ... tops ... meh.

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

AG? Attorney General jeans? What does AG stand for?

Adriano Goldschmeid - the founding designer of the brand


Good guess tho.

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