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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

@ID2 wrote:

Holy cow!!! This sweater is $395.00????? I would NEVER spend that on one sweater. Pretty sweater but insanely priced for just a cotton blend!

I had a store credit, so I didn't pay that much for it.

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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

Nice sweater!


Too bad I don't have a store credit.....



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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

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@Hoovermom It's ok......all went very well....He emailed me at 1am last night to reply to my reply. So we emailed back and forth several times talking about artistic things like music and such. He'll be around at the end of the month. 😋


eta::: I sent him the new EP by Volor Flex "Blowing Smoke" and a new film off of Vimeo by a talented fellow.... the thread was removed as it took off like a runaway train.... 😮

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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

Talbots in spring usually has some iteration of this sweater, which T's calls a Shaker Sweater.   I have it in mint green (almost identical to the photo in the OP) and mine is also very, very soft.  I love it and got it on sale the year I bought it.   If interested in this sweater, you might check T's spring collections. I don't know what colors they'll have this year.

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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

Oh my... this is so my style!. It looks so chic and comfortable and paired with white... Just awesome. Saw a similar piece in crisscross fashion at Nordstrom. It's a cotton and acrylic blend and looks great to me.234e1891-ae4f-4c3c-8fba-f5b2d2113954.jpeg

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Re: Soft slouchy sweater

It's beautiful, but I don't have the funds.