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@ID2 wrote:

Holy cow!!! This sweater is $395.00????? I would NEVER spend that on one sweater. Pretty sweater but insanely priced for just a cotton blend!

I had a store credit, so I didn't pay that much for it.

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Nice sweater!


Too bad I don't have a store credit.....



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Talbots in spring usually has some iteration of this sweater, which T's calls a Shaker Sweater.   I have it in mint green (almost identical to the photo in the OP) and mine is also very, very soft.  I love it and got it on sale the year I bought it.   If interested in this sweater, you might check T's spring collections. I don't know what colors they'll have this year.

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Oh my... this is so my style!. It looks so chic and comfortable and paired with white... Just awesome. Saw a similar piece in crisscross fashion at Nordstrom. It's a cotton and acrylic blend and looks great to me.234e1891-ae4f-4c3c-8fba-f5b2d2113954.jpeg

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It's beautiful, but I don't have the funds.