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I wear a size 9 1/2 Medium shoe and find that regular size or One Size Fits All socks squish my toes, my ankles, or both. My mom was in a wheelchair the last couple years of her life and I bought the Legacy Full size trouser knee socks at the Q for her and extended-size stretch ankle socks with a wide band at K Mart. She was comfortable with both, so I started wearing them too. Well, our K Mart closed and the last Legacy order I got, the brown ones had holes like others wrote about in their rating. I'm on my feet a lot and already have a few pair of compression socks, so I don't need more of those. Today I ordered HUE No Band knee socks in the extended size and will see how they work, but I have yet to find no-bind, comfortable, extended-size, non-unattractive ankle socks. I live on the west coast and don't always want to wear knee length and want ankle length. It seems like more of us have larger feet, but the sock industry is lagging behind. Does anyone have ideas for comfortable cute ankle socks or knee-length socks? TIA.

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@Desert Lily.  I wear a size 11 shoe so you know I have trouble with squished toes.  My solution is to buy men's socks at Wal-Mart.  They have packs of a longish, thin dress socks which look very much like trouser socks but are a lot cheaper.  I buy all black so I don't end up with odd, mismatched socks.

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@Desert Lily

Have you tried Smartwool socks?  They're amazing, and they come in three sizes.

They are not inexpensive, but they last.  Sierra Trading Post and have better prices on them.

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Go to Walmart.  They sell diabetic socks at a reasonable price that are a good quality.


My DH has legs like a power lifter...very muscular.  He wears diabetic socks from Walmart all of the time.  They fit well and stay up.


They have socks for men and women. I’ve only seen them in solid classic colors like black, white and nude.  Ankle and knee high styles.

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Have you tried Bombas? You should look at their website.

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@Desert Lily  Buy your socks from Lane Bryant.  Their socks run a little larger then the ones found at other retailers, plus they stretch to fit over my 9.5 size feet, and the crew socks don't stretch out and aren't tight on the top. 


They usually have fun patterns to choose from and not too expensive.

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Re: Socks Dilemma

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Go to This is the company that manufactures soft, comfy socks. They have women's and men's extended sizes. I wear size 9 and have purchased many of their socks - different lengths - and they last forever. They have sales regularly as well.


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I wear a size 11 medium and have the same problem with socks.   I have ordered Smartwool socks in extended sizes and I also have purchased men's socks at the store.   

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I don’t have a size issue. I have very sensitive feet due to a back injury. I don’t like anything touching my feet. I try to go without socks as much as I can. Fur lined shoes when it is cold, sandals for as long as I can during warmer weather. 


I even buy shoes in a larger size due to the sensitivity.


So in a sense, I feel your pain. 

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@kivah post may get deleted because of the link but I'd like to reiterate her comments about Gold Toe.   I don't have foot issues but their socks are exceptional.  I wear good socks to keep from having skin issues on my feet.   I'm sure if they have specialty socks, I would try them.


@Kachina624  Men's sock are way better than women's, you could try good men's socks.


@Desert Lily  Good luck in your search, it's worth a little shopping around and experimenting to find what you need.