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Re: So what happened to Elise?

I enjoy Elise. 


To me the celebrity that she resembles is Sandra Bullock.



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Re: So what happened to Elise?

It's never a good sign being somebody's side kick on other's show. Especially Shawn's who demands attention.  The way they keep moving her all over the place seems like they're not pleased with whatever she is doing.

Elise is not an aggressive sales person. When the Q starts switching one around, unable to find their niche, watch out! She doesn't have a good time slot for her beauty shows to make great sales. I've thought for a while now, she looks on shakey ground.

She's a sweet lady, and I wish her well.  

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Re: So what happened to Elise?


I love Elise!
My perception is that she is finally “coming into her own.”
I agree there was a moment in there where she seemed to not be in someone’s favor.
Now I believe she will be firmly footed here at the Q.
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Re: So what happened to Elise?



I've only watched her briefly a couple of times. Switched only because she was selling stuff I wasn't interested in seeing.


She seems a bit more "serious" than some of the others.


I'd rank her with Rachel and Courtney K.