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I,for one, am mad for plaid.

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I like plaid., I wore tartan plaid uniforms in high school and have loved it since. I had a Buffalo plaid skirt I donated to a Women’s group and the lady that boUght it sent me a photo of her wearing the skirt! She looked amazing!!
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@Imaoldhippie wrote:

Just another fad it too will pass.

I don't think plaid is a fad—perhaps more of a seasonal favorite.

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Love plaid! ❤️ Maybe because I wore it since 1st grade many moons ago .. starting in 1st grade ... Catholic school uniforms! 🤷‍♀️  

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I wore plaid at school too. Maybe that's why I still wear plaid skirts. There's something comforting and youthful about plaid.

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I'm not a fan of buffalo checks, but I LOVE tartan plaids.  I won't be buying any though, because I already have a stock of LLBean, Lands End and Rails plaid shirts.  I also have two Dooney & Burke plaid bags.  Always nice when something you already like is having a moment.

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