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Re: So .... I ordered yarn for two sweaters

@tansy wrote:

Check out YouTube, @magicmoodz.  



Thank you tansy. Isn't it wonderful we have visual resources at our fingertips? And while I haven't seriously knit in years, I always found the employees at our local yarn shops to delight in giving assistance.

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Re: So .... I ordered yarn for two sweaters

@ALRATIBA  I totally agree with everything you said.


One of my little sisters ( both are RN's) worked at a hospice.


I made an Afghan from yarn called"crayola".  The yarn itself was rainbow colored.  It was bright and very colorful.  I don't yarn, I crochet.


My sister took it with her to the hospice, which I'd actually suggested.


This was years before COVID.  When someone there was feeling especially depressed, she'd wrap them in it.


Family would come to the hospice to visit and see the Afghan I'd made.  They asked my sister if I'd make them one.


I told my sister to tell each person that I never repeat the colors of Afghans.  Some accepted it.  Some kept asking, offering to pay for it.


I'm like you in that I doubt if people would pay what I had into making it.  The yarn and the time involved wouldn't be worth it.


Like you, I have never sold them.  My friend just sits and makes them constantly.  Except for the Superman one, she has compiled many of them with various colors.


Usually she reaches in her pile and has a colored one exactly like the person wants.  It give her extra money and the recipients love them.


I usually give her $200 to $250 for them.  She said she loves to think about her creations being enjoyed by so many babies.