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Not sure who buys a bag like that or any other bag in that price range -  just know it's not me.


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Pompoms?? How cheap looking!! I can buy those at a crafts store, and adorn one of my more reasonably-priced bags, to make it look just like this Fendi. Lol.

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It didn’t take me long to make my decision — dislike.

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What a complete waste...

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@willdob3  yes, it is a mess and an expensive one at that.  I wonder why anyone would purchase but some women must be different.

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Take back to Goodwill

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Awful bag.  I wouldn't spend $24 on it, let alone $2,400!

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That bag is a no for me.  I have spent more than that on some Louis Vuitton runway bags, but those were more limited.  I do have one Fendi item I bought several years ago, a key chain, it was around $160 and I still have it





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I love ball fringe on lots of different things, but the 'balls' on this purse are just dumb in my opinion...otherwise I do like the purse.

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@Sweet_Serenity wrote:


Multicolored tibbles! Woman LOL