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Since when has this been such an expensive process???  I remember slub knit in years past and it seemed scratchy and cheap ... soft cotton was more in demand.  

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I haven't heard that but having so many slub knit things with holes I think it's a cheap way to manufacture. Making something thick and thin is creating weakness in the thin areas.  I just say no to slub knits.

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I can't really speak to the quality but I've never liked heathering, slub or anything along those lines. The bad part is under certain lights in brick and mortar you don't see it!

It's not until you get the T-shirt under natural light that you realize it's slub!

The two times it happened they were so deeply discounted it didn't pay to drive back to the mall, search for parking, and return them when I could wear them around the house


The one incident was from anthropology and I had a friend with me and she didn't notice either even though I'd even gone into the dressing room to try them on. She seemed quite shocked when I called her to complain because she couldn't  understand why I don't like slub...

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I have many slub knit tees.  I really like slub knit tees and find them light, comfy and cool as well as soft.  Great for working out and hot weather.  None of mine have holes and do not understand that comment about holes.  

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I always thought it was an error in manufacturing and they decided to market it as something.


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I've never had a problem with holes in slubknit. It certainly is popular at the moment -- I see it all over.

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I have and love slub knit and in general fabric texture.  I have never had a slub knit with holes, so I am surprised and sorry @CaChica that you have had such a terrible experience with your purchases.

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Most slub knits are thin which is nice for really hot weather, but in light colors the tops are too see through for me. It's not a fabric I prefer. I can think of one slub knit top I own. 

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I don't care for slub knits. To me, it looks like it is worn out and ready for the trash can, or to be used for dusting.
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I've just seen some polyesther slub knit.  I will wear polyesther, but not in summer.

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