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I don't care for bell, flared, cold shoulder, etc., for myself. For summer wear I like short sleeves, sleeveless, or elbow length, depending on the garment. I don't buy items that I mentioned above that I don't care for, no matter the price at which it is offered.
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Sleeves have been pun intended....since last summer.  Everywhere you go, every place you shop, every fashion blog or site you visit;  you see interesting or dramatic sleeves.  Cold shoulder, bells, trumps, bishop, ruffles etc.  I don't understand your question.  Yes, QVC like all retailers, has modern tops with interesting sleeves and yes, some of those tops are now on clearance.  

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I think all short sleeves and elbow sleeves should be taken off the market entirely cuz I rarely wear them and they're not my style.... and sleeves of any length containing elastic


(eye roll)

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I like bell sleeves, I think they're pretty, fun and feminine.  HOWEVER they are just not practical, getting dunked into food at dinner and catching on things!  So I only have a few of them.

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Re: Sleeve trend?

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Even ruffled short sleeves are in.  I see them all over the internet, when shopping I dont like them!   Nice prints and the sleeve ruins the look for me.

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Not a fan of just wearing sleeveless on anyone( few look great in them) ...armpits are NOT attractive!

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@nikkimom wrote:

Not a fan of just wearing sleeveless on anyone( few look great in them) ...armpits are NOT attractive!

Worse than armpits is BRA FAT!  Got plenty of that going on!  Even after losing plenty of weight.  

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There are so many beautiful sleeveless tops for summer but unfortunately I don't look great in them any more.  I have them and wear them with a shrug or light cardigan because my arms are not great and also because the ac every place is usually set high.


I find that the tops in my closet I reach for the most are 3/4 sleeves.  I am constantly looking in stores for cute tops with these kind of sleeves.  I think they are versatile and attractive.


I have sleeves that are belled, etc. and while they are pretty, they end up annoying me and then I don't want to wear them any more! 

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I agree and do the same thing.  I buy the 3/4 sleeves because I like them best and I no longer have the arms I used to have. I have bought the bell sleeves and rarely wear them so they will soon be donated.  The 3/4 sleeves always have a finished look to me and look the best on me.  And it is getting so I am not pleased the way I look in my clothes in general as I have gained weight and having a problem losing any at all no matter what I do.

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I have to smile at the comments about going sleeveless.  Tooting my own horn I have pretty good arms for a woman who is well past her 65th birthday. Woman Wink  Just this past Saturday night I attended a function which was indoors and outdoors.  Rain forced it to be mostly indoors, but because it was cool I was wearing a leather jacket.  I took the jacket off briefly to show off my dress to a friend and another lady nearby proclaimed that if her arms looked like mine she would rather freeze than cover them up.  I thought that was so flattering, but put the jacket back on because I'm not that vain.