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I love them both.  I'm normally not into prints unless they're a small print and your tunic top has a small print.  I even like the lace trim and also like the necklace.


I love the sleeve detail on your denim looking blouse.  I always try to find details that are unique but not BIZARRE and this blouse would meet that requirement for me.



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Re: Sleeve Detail...

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Both blouses look great. I love the denim blouse with the way you layered the necklaces. Is the longest neck chain from Pandora? I'd like to know more about each of the necklaces. I love your mix of them together. 

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I think you look good in both blouses. I like the lighter necklace with the first blouse. My personal favorite is the denim top, because I'm not a fan of the print or patchwork design on the other one.


I rarely wear long sleeved tops in the summer so I don't own many long sleeved lightweight tops. Most of my long sleeved tops are darker colors more suitable for fall and winter. Once it hits the 80s I'm usually in a short sleeve top at home. I usually add a cardigan when I go out which allows me to adjust to varying temperatures. If I know the place I'm going tends to be really cold with AC blasting, then I could probably be comfortable in long sleeves, but it's just how I normally dress in warm weather. 

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Thank you all for your nice comments.


@stellabystarlight   @spiderw   Yes!  Light, airy, comfortable, and roomy are important to me in summer, too.  Give me air flow haha!!  The trim was pretty, Stella, but just didn't seem to "go" with the print.  Your comment made me think I should have kept the trim to wrap around the stems when I dry flowers...too late, darn it!


@phoenixbrd   It's so good to have finally reached a point in life where I can have fun with fashion and not have to think about work clothes.  Thrifting helps me do that without breaking the bank.


@decaf   @queendiva   @kate2357   Agree...trim just threw the whole thing off.  I was a little worried that I'd put a hole in that thin rayon when removing the trim, but it was thrifted so I took the chance.  Love it when a fashion tweak works out!


@shoptilyadropagain   Sometimes there's a very fine line between interesting and bizarre haha!  I have to be careful 'cuz I'm drawn to unusual details, but I learned during my Great and Terrible Year-Long Epic Closet Purge that I don't wear them.  Duh!  Plus, some things were eye rolling, bizzaro, what-was-I-thinking unusual.  I should have put some of them in a shadow box and hung them on the wall hahaha!


Generally speaking, of course, sleeve details aren't usually too far out.  Interesting thing about these two blouses is that, had I not tried the thrifted blouse with trim just for fun and liked it, I would not have even tried on the Soft Surroundings blouse.  A bonus of thrifting if you ask me.


@wilma   I hear ya.  As soon as the humidity kicks in around here, I probably won't wear the SS denim except at night.  The other one is downright gossamer, and cool as a cucumber.  I tend to just want to throw something on and something haha.  I also tend to hibernate in the summer when the temps go above 85 and the humidity is disgusting...I just go from one AC place to another and have one lightweight linen shawl I can carry in my purse.


Hi @Mindy D  I'd love to take credit for putting together several necklaces in such a cool way, are the two Lucky Brand tiered necklaces I have.  You can see how they are attached.  They're interchangeable, and, if I just wanted to wear one chain, I could remove the other two.  I can, and often do, throw together three separate necklaces of varying lengths from my stash, but they're all "heavy"...these are "lighter" looking...








I bought these at L.A. East, a small boutique in Charlotte, NC.  You can search for tiered necklaces...Nordy has some.


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@MacDUFF  I agree with @decaf the 1st top, light/airy and prettier without the trim Smiley Happy