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@IamMrsG Agree with you.  The problem is when it's supposedly the style (I suspect it has nothing to do with style, but what do I know) it makes it impossible to find clothes that aren't skin tight!

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@Ms tyrion2 wrote:

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Normally, women's bodies have curves, not straight up & down.



Women's bodies come in all shapes. Not every woman is "curvy".


I'm not sure if you are using curvy as the current euphemism for large or if you mean it the traditional way of waists that are small and hips that are full and rounded. Whatever the meaning, not all women are shaped that way.

...and they are perfectly normal.

@Ms tyrion2, @151949, I don't see how "normal" fits into any description of women's bodies.


For example, I inherited my mother's build. I'm small-framed, have relatively long legs, and do not have the as big a difference between my hips and waist as many do.


In essence, I am more straight up and down than curvy. Skinny jeans were made with me in mind. :-) They flatter what shape I have.




We have quite similar body shapes. I have a short torso, long thin legs and not much hip or butt. My waist is not defined much at all.  I too am small boned, but I do have fairly wide shoulders.


So, we are not alone in our "normalcy"  😃

@Ms tyrion2   Count me in as “normal”, too. Small boned, broad shoulders, no definite waist and no hips/butt to speak off. Guess there are enough of us to start another body type.


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@Annabellethecat  I know I am older than you and I don't mean this post to contradict any opinions.  Just the way I remember things.....Jeans are made out of a special woven material that has "give" to it without spandex.  Cowboys would buy jeans and jump in water to get them wet and let them dry on the body so they would fit you, and just you, like a second skin.  This was to keep the fabric from chafing as they rode and worked.  


Even when I was young and spandex had not been heard of, jeans were worn very close to the body.  I have always associated jeans with "second skin" and it has been that way as long as I can remember.


You always bought jeans and "shrunk to fit" them.


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I saw that show and the large models and Kim looked like stuffed sausages.  I wear snug.

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@ZhillsI still buy 100% cotton jeans and wash them before wearing them. They fit nicely. No spandex for me ever.

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@AmericanBulldogMom wrote:

My wardrobe consists of tons of different style jeans. The key is wearing the correct top pieces (and sometimes shoes for me). I love having so many options. 


Amen! I love a little variety!

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@Zhills I turn 72 this year, so I'm not a spring chicken.  However, I don't dress like a grandma either.


When I was a teenager (back in the 60's) my goal was to be one of those dancers like on Laugh-In (in the cage).  I knew every dance (some you probably never heard of).  My point?  Well, I remember wearing skin tight jeans too.


However, the jeans made today are not the same material (I also used to make my own clothes when I worked).  But that's not what we're talking about here.


The Q sells clothes for women (if any of us were to guess: (based on the clothing and calls) I think we'd say the target age is probably 35-40 to upward. 


Age doesn't dictate what one wears, I'm not saying that.  I am saying these ladies (models) come out looking (my I need to say it again) looking heav(ier) than they probably are.  


They don't need to look like paper bags, but they don't need to pull so tight (even with the s-t-r-e-t-c-h) one can only surmise if they sat for very long or did some strenuous wiggling....well...some seams might be showing another color (pulling).


I kinda see the light here though.  I'm beginning to see where pants are not quite as tight (here and there).  I'm not talking about the ones that are supposed to be billowy, I'm talking about regular pants.


I think I've pretty much beaten this subject to death.  I did say many, many (do I need more many) times this is my opinion.


I do enjoy coming here because (I think) there is a wide range of ages represented here.


I often (when speaking to other's) will find myself saying (paraphrasing here), "I go on the QVC forum and learned or read.....bla bla".  


I have changed my opinion of various subjects after reading comments here.  I am not a person who has one mind-set and never changes (I change about everything......if it makes sense to me).


This doesn't make sense to me.  Only when they are leggins, tights or whatever is sold as "the design CALLS for tight" does it make sense TO ME.


I apologize for the capital words.  I learned here it means yelling.  Were I talking in front of you (conversation-wise) I'd either do 'air quotes' or my voice would raise slightly like (can you believe it) sort of thing, not yelling.


This is obviously something that some of us will have to agree to disagree on.


I've found that the older I get, it is easier to do than ..... well...when I was young and thought I knew everything.  


I've always been very open here (some would say too much sharing).  However, let's just say that my openness with everyone has kept me from seeking professional help.  Because the more open we are, the more we find we are all more similar than different....(just an observation).


Once again, I'm getting totally off subject.  Thank you for taking the time to explain your view point on this.


Bottom line is I don't find it attractive and I think it makes these models (the larger sizes like myself) look heavier than they probably are.


Because I live in an area where there is quite a large mixture of females (sizes, ages and I believe income), I feel pretty good about some of my observations.


As I've said, my friend and I eat lunch (sometimes dinner) out at least 4 times a week.  We don't eat 'fast food' (like McDonalds) but we do eat at Chipolte every now and then.  Chipolte sits between (now) 3 high schools, 2 middle schools.


The young people (hey! the food is cheap) that eat there are always appropriately dressed and I have to admit I do not see anywhere near the skin tight JEANS on these kids that I see on QVC.  I do sometimes see it on females that look to be around 30-45 or so.  Let's just say it's difficult to not notice ..... give me a minute, I'm trying to think of the correct way of 'saying' this...OK, so it's difficult not to notice the hoof part of a camel...otherwise known as their toes.... Unfortunately, my friend thinks it's funny.  She knows it's a pet peeve of mine so she teases me by pointing it out.  It would be OK if  the person was wearing a longer shirt that came down a little....(they often don't).


I don't know if you remember, but way back when 'tunics' first became popular it was often mentioned that a tunic would do that.  Now the shirts are getting shorter and it's no longer mentioned.


Phew!  I have a headache from discussing this subject.  If anyone was lucky enough to get to the end of this ridiculously long response...good for you.  I say that because I'd have gotten bored after about the second paragraph and moved on.  


@Zhills Take care, have a great day.  Know that I enjoy your posts (they make sense).  I do respect everyone's opinion and I REALLY (not yelling remember) appreciate everyone taking time to explain their stance on this subject.

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@Annabellethecat  I get a huge kick out of your posts.  I'm a few years younger, but I think a lot like you.  The sausage casing look is just not attractive.

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I guess I expect to see jeans tight but now it's leggings, jeggings, slim legs, etc.  


Pants should not be fitted like jeans!

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@bootsanne wrote:

@Annabellethecat  I get a huge kick out of your posts.  I'm a few years younger, but I think a lot like you.  The sausage casing look is just not attractive.

Even very thin people wearing skin tight clothing - their bones are sticking out thru that fabric.