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There is a difference between snug and tight (at least to me) Snug means no discomfort and that's how jeans were meant to be worn.  Generally I wear all my clothing loose.  Except for jeans. Some Skinny jeans too closely resemble tights.  You put them on and sometimes you look like yeah...Robin Hood. My skinnys have to NOT look like tights. Nearly all my skinnys are rolled up at the end.  I rarely wear them now though. I've moved on to straight, slim cut and boyfriend styles. Which still are snugger then your conventional trousers.  Most young men wear the "slim" style skinny.  Just a looser skinny.   Even the stretch in jeans are and should be different then the stretch in tights.  That is usually spandex.  My jeans have to have just 1% Elastane.  An expensive stretch that bounces back.  Cheap jeans stretch out and end up baggy.

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I have noticed on this board that there are women who will defend to the death their right to wear yoga pants and tights out in public - but then condemn those of us who wear skinny jeans.  Huh?   To me (just my opinion, folks) thin, stretchy yoga pants look like the woman is naked but she spray painted her thighs and legs.  Nothing is left to the imagination.  


The irony?  Skinny jeans work best for me because I'm small and I don't have "relaxed fit" hips.  But I would never wear yoga pants - even to a yoga class.   It's all about the fabric. 

(Everybody's different.)





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@Annabellethecat  I'm with you a 100%.  I have an unattractive figure and I try to wear the best-fitting clothes I can find.  I do not want lumps, rolls, and cellulite highlighted.  I'm also from the old school that if you have any width through your hips, you try to balance out the pant leg.  The Q has added some larger models who have much smaller tops than their hips and thighs and they are styled like the xxs models.  I don't even know how they can pull these "jeans" on let alone expect to be able to bend, sit, move, etc.  Lauri Felt's line is definately designed for herself and KL and AS and a couple of the models with the most perfect of figures.  I know everyone is entitled to wear what they like, but just because a trend is out there, diesn't mean everyone should put it on.  The term "jeans" is no longer bringing to my mind the old Levi's or Old Navy ones.  They seem to be more like Spanx.  Then throw on 5" spikes.  UGH.  My favorite look is and will always be, a straight leg jean, a shirt tucked in and a fitted jacket or cardigan with a pair of 2-3 inch heeled boots.  And what I really don't get is tight loungewear.  Bottom line....I don't like tight. 

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Well @Happycat01 I'm a little curious as to how you can shop on QVC for clothes and not pay attention to what the models are wearing?  Not being facetious, just wondering.


When watching QVC (key word ..... watching) it is impossible to avoid looking at the models....that's why they are the clothes...I thought!


I wasn't specifically talking about Kim what's her last name.  I own a lot of her pants (5 pair alone of the white pants with the cuffs and 1 pair similar that are black).  My choice, they aren't tight.  They aren't the kind of material where you can wear them real, real tight...I don't think so anyway.


I am fully aware of spandex.  I used to make my own clothes when I worked.


I know I'm not the only person who would like to see (at least one or two) of the models not wearing pants that are so tight you could almost see a mole sticking out.


I know the difference of what is supposed to be tight (design) and what's not supposed to be tight (design).


For some reason every style of pants (other than the flowing pants) QVC puts the models in tight, tight pants.  They are called pants by the designer, that's what I'm going by....the word pants....not tights or leggins...pants.  Haven't you ever heard Susan Graver tell how she was 'trained' and designed PANTS?  Just saying.


I'm not asking for everyone to come out looking like they're wearing clothing one or two sizes too big.  I would like to see at least one model come out wearing a pair of PANTS that fit like SOME of us here wear.


That way we can ALL see what we might look like in them.  


Here's an idea....For a very long time I've asked QVC why (if they sell sizes 2X and 3X) clothing they don't put a size 2X and 3X model in them?  Hummmm??? I want to see some models wearing those clothes.


I've said it before.  I know from experience the way a person looks wearing a size small, extra small, etc is very different from the way a  person looks wearing the same item in a size 1, 2 or 3X.


I'm fat, I know that.  I also know I can't wear just anything and if a person was standing in front of me and said I could wear anything and still look good, I'd call them ...... well....let's just call them's that?


Right now you wouldn't believe the clothes and shoes I have to send back because they don't look good or (in the case of the shoes fit (I wear a size 11).  I don't know if you are aware but it's difficult to find a size 11 in a shoe store, hence QVC is perfect.


Phew!  I hope I've somewhat covered my stance on this subject.  If some enjoy looking at EVERY pair of pants skin tight on these models, good for them.  I'm just asking for maybe one (1) model coming out wearing PANTS that aren't skin tight.  


I would think (hope) QVC could do that.  It would also be nice were she larger than an XL.

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@tototwo Yes!  Everyone IS different.  However, you'd never know that on the Q because every one of those models come out with skin tight pants (I keep saying...I'm NOT talking about leggins or whatever they're called), I'm talking about pants.


Not everything that covers the leg should be or is meant to be skin tight!


I'm simply saying (again) I would like to see the Q put at least one model in PANTS that aren't skin tight!  It would at least represent at least SOME of us.


As I look around where I live there are large numbers of women (some of it's just the design of females) who have large/wide butts and/or some stomach.


Someone else said all of this much better than I did.  As a matter of fact, several of you have said it better than I have.


I think I'll just refer to them as I don't seem to be making my point very well.


It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, it's being able to express opinions better than some.  


Oh!  Booger!  Who am I kidding....they kinda agree with me and I like it.  Thanks ladies!Heart


Gotta go, eating out with a friend.....

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Re: Skin tight jeans?

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Just because you can squeeze into them doesn’t mean they fit...

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I am size 4 and cant wait until leggings go away. Slim fit are good, but anything skin tight is uncomfortable to me, especially if super tight on calves/ ankles, because whenever I get up, I have to adjust them down...  I’ll be happy when bootcut comes back!

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It's the trend. Last week I was sitting in the lobby of a major medical center. Women, all sizes, ages, coming and going.


It was like a fashion contest of "how tight can your bottoms get." Jeans, jeggings and leggings without tops covering the tush. Some looked great; some far from great. They didn't flatter the heavier women, or 'surprise' the very, thin (think anorexic) women. In all fairness, the very, very thin women might be ill.


I'm not surprised. I'm seventy four and did the skinny the first time around. I was a curvy size 2 (I'm guessing, they didn't have a size 2 then) and looked great. I also wore leather hot pants. Sometimes I went braless. My late mother said she didn't know how I did it but I always looked like a lady. 


Now I'm a curvy size 8. Time has really caught up with me because now my leggings are medical great compression and I wear tops that come well over my tush. The leggings are super warm so I have some lighter weight ones that I wear under dresses in the fall.


I recommend Linea. He ALWAYs has dark haired Maria who I think is a 1x as a model. I just bought some jean pants that I consider semi fitted that are uber flattering. I'm only 5'2'' but have a regular rise so I can't wear petites; pants are a real hassle for me. He also does beautiful trousers; sometimes in petites. 


This trend won't last forever. I'm seeing wide legged jeans, etc. in stores and magazines.Happened the last time around. I just resurrected a pair of gauchos.


If you've got it, flaunt it. Nora Ephron said if you were twenty six you should wear a bikini every day. She was sorry she didn't. If you don't have it, decorate it. I have a friend who's a 2x; she looks good in fitted pants.

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Just curious- do you think these are too tight?

Embrace the utilitarian look while retaining a sleek, versatile silhouette in these ankle-length pants crafted from luxurious Japanese stretch-cotton twill.

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Re: Skin tight jeans?

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@lolakimono  I'm not Annabellethecat but I think they fit perfect.