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Help me out here!  I'm watching Kim Gravel and the models are wearing jeans so tight....well...really, really tight.


Now I'm trying to figure out the difference here between tights, leggings, and whatever else things that cover a person's legs are called.


It just seems to me that everything sold on QVC these days (shirts, pants, tops) are so tight I don't know how a REAL person could eat or breathe while wearing them!


I think I should have put a question mark after the 'm' in them because I'm asking a question.


There just doesn't seem to be any difference in what the Q is selling these days.


The models come out in (let's call them leg coverings) so tight it's downright crazy!


I'm probably in the minority, but I don't find it attractive at all.  I'm a chub (I wear a size XL or mostly a 1X).


When I put on the QVC leg coverings and it looks like what QVC tells me it SHOULD look like, all I see is fat...Oh!  Whoops!  Maybe that's a no no word these days.  Look!  I know I'm not skinny.  But I do know if I went out of the house wearing leg coverings that look like the Q tells me I should look like.....well...wait!  I'm assuming I could even get down the steps to my garage wearing pants that tight!


Does anyone know the difference here?  Can anyone explain to me how a size 1X like I wear that's skin tight is attractive?


Do you guys wear your pants that tight?  I'm curious.  I see a few people wearing them like that, but I just figured they outgrew them and didn't want to buy new ones.




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@AnnabellethecatSweetheart, you KNOW I don't, LOL!!!Smiley Happy


I wear comfy.  I did see one woman older than me with chinos on today.  They were tighter than tight! 

Chinos, not jeans, leggings, or tights!  Not a good look!

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They are stretchy so they should be tight.  They stretch and give so no problem breathing or eating in them. 

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@Annabellethecat I agree. Tight jeans and leggings are not for everybody. I personally don’t think they look great on very curvy women. I wear a size 8 in pants and I do, in fact, wear leggings, but with longer tops and dusters, cardigans.

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I'm guilty...I wear my pants very tight. But they are stretchy so they are comfy. I like the way they look on me. I'm petite, 5-3, size 2-4 or xs.

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I don't like skin tight clothing!!!  Clothing is meant to be just that, not a sausage casing.  Personally I don't think skin tight clothing is attractive on anyone.  Someone modeling or walking the red carpet keeps a certain type of pose.  In real life you need to move and not fear that your clothing will split, buttons popping, etc.

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@SilleeMee  I'm with you.  I don't need skin tight, but I prefer skinny jeans, pants, etc.  I'm 5'3", 110lbs, but curvy within those parameters.  I feel better .... and that I look better ... in closer fitting clothes.

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I have never liked anything tight -- ever.  Even as a small child I could not stand belts or anything binding me.  


I marvel at those that can slither into these tight pants/tops and feel OK.  I would be miserable.  Therefore, anything I wear must have enough room to move around.  That often leads to wearing things too big.


You know what?  I'm fine with that.  My jeans fit close, but not tight -- and I rarely wear a form fiting top.  If I do, it is underneath something else.


I am in decent shape and trim and have never owned or will own leggings, jeggings or tights.  


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It's a magic ingredient called spandex.


I can't help you other than that, because I weigh around 125 lbs. but I think Kim G. looks good in hers.

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Leah Williams is the only one I have noticed lately or paid attention to what they were wearing and that was today, and she looked like her marvelous beautiful self, obviously she has lost weight, but she is beautly no matter what she weighs.


As far as out in public, I do not wear skin tight anything. I do not have the body for that, and I appreciate being comfortable.

I have a relative who is a big fan of the skinny jean and she is larger than I and it is not becoming on her. She has other clothing I have seen her in that actally makes her look smaller then the skinny jeans she wears. I am pretty sure none of it comes from the q.


I just don't think the skinny jean looks great on every body.