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Sizing on Cuddle Dud's TSV PJ's?

I am struggling between the regular or petite. Do Cuddle Dud's run big normally in the regular sizes? Do they shrink?


Carie the vendor is in a regular small and the top looks very fitted.

Jane is in a petit medium but she is in navy so it is hard to tell if her top is form fitting.


The length is 21 or 23 which is not a big deal for me, they are just pj's.


I just don't know how much they shrink. Carol Hochman's pj's shrink a lot.

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Re: Sizing on Cuddle Dud's TSV PJ's?

With the pants being cropped, it seems like the fit of the top is more important.  Cuddl Duds usually run toward generous in their lougewear, and the pieces I've owned don't shrink (but I don't put loungewear in the dryer).  Unless your height is in the petite range I would go with the regular in whatever size you normally buy lougewear and pjs in at retail stores. 

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Re: Sizing on Cuddle Dud's TSV PJ's?

The first time I got Cuddle Duds, I ordered up, thinking the top might be a little snug.  They were huge and had kept them too long t return so I donated them.


I just throw my jammies in with everything else.  I always dry everything on Very Dry.  Nothing has shrunk.


I take a PS, if that helps.

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Re: Sizing on Cuddle Dud's TSV PJ's?



This fabric shouldn’t shrink. I’d order based on the garment measurements. 


I ordered the regular length because, although I wear petites, I want these to be a bit longer. They will probably be crop pants lefty, just above my ankle. I’m working from home right now and plan to wear these when I “go to work.” This should make a good loungewear work at home outfit. 


It is too too hot here to wear this to sleep in but I think it will be good when the weather cools off a bit in October.

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Re: Sizing on Cuddle Dud's TSV PJ's?

I have quite a few Cuddl Duds, and none of the pieces have shrunk - and I do put them in the dryer on low. There is a difference in the bust size between the regular size versus petite. I normally order petite, but with this set, I would need a petite small. In order to get the black animal print I went with regular xs since the bust size will fit me. I wear Cuddl Duds for lounge wear at home and love the brand. But to answer your question - they don't shrink (at least they never have for me).