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Shorter skirts for petites, please

"I'm a little teapot short and stout..." Wink all the skirts are too long and make me look dumpy and frumpy. Susan, you have one tiered skirt that is a perfect length for me. I love that skirt. I need a length of about 22 to 23 inches. A-line, gored, pleated, any and all. I love skirts but can't seem to find any that are flattering in length. I'm 5'3" and wear a loose XL. Please please make some skirts in neutrals such as black, gray, taupe for us shorter women. I'm a mature woman but like skirts to come right to the top or middle of my knees. Am I asking too much? Anyone else in my boat? I love your clothes Susan but find I have to go elsewhere for skirts, sadly. (I hope this is the right place to post this... if not, I apologize.) Thank you!

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Re: Shorter skirts for petites, please

I agree! I love her clothes, but as a shorter person, I can't always wear some of them. The lustration knit pants are wonderful because they look good no matter what! I have three cats and a dog and lustration knit doesn't hold onto hair! I love the skirts, but look dowdy in too long ones. Lucky, I can sew so if I have time I can shorten them. The only problem is damaging the style--then I have to send them back.
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Re: Shorter skirts for petites, please

I'm 5'1" and find that so many of the clothes labeled as petites in QVC's fashions are still way too long for me. How in Heaven's name is a 29" or 30" inseam a "petite" pant?? The petite maxi skirts quite often REQUIRE a high wedge sandal to avoid dragging them on the floor.

Just saying - if you are going to the trouble of making petites, which I appreciate, please take another inch or two off.

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Re: Shorter skirts for petites, please

I have stopped buying all graver tops because they atr tooooo long for petites. Why have you decided yes to making petite pants and no to making petite tops. There are thousands of us that you are consciously ignoring. Really shocked that you are leaving millions of dollars on the table for other designers. What makes me mad is how you are touting new more modern fashions that of course are not available to us. It feels like a slap that says you do not need us?
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Re: Shorter skirts for petites, please

Do you know that Dress Barn carries petite sizes? One of my friends who is small/short gets all here clothes there.